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A Little Bit About Me

Hi ya'll! I am Ms. Ashley, the owner and director of SmARTies: Art & Science after school classes and summer camp. I have been an art educator for more than six years. I love working with kids and creating. There is a special place for art in everyone's life. Absolutely anyone is capable of engaging in the creative and therapeutic process art provides. Exposure to Art education at a young age leads to a lifelong artistic practice of imagination and expanded learning. 

I am privileged to be an elementary school art educator in hometown, Santa Barbara, CA.  

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Training and Qualifications


Art educator of 300+ children and 14 classes. Curriculum tailed to each age group involving art history, art theory, and exposure to multiple mediums and tools. 

January 2020-Current


June 2021-Current

SmARTies was created out of the pandemic and the need for more tactile experiences and reengagement of hands-on learning. Specially designed weekly curriculum for a max of 24 students that incorporates science and art in a seamlessly blended fun=filled combination. Duration of projects is child led, allowing for more time or needed breaks. The top priority is finding the fun in learning and imagination through exploration. 


Substitute teacher for the Hope School District: Monte Vista Elementary School, Vieja Valley Elementary School, and Hope Elementary School. 

September 2018- Current

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