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Technology in the Art Room

While the art room is the most ideal place for tactile experiences, it can also be a great place for also using technology as another artistic tool. Weather it is computer design, animation, videos, PowerPoints, the web, apps or any other technological systems, all can be helpful aides. Technology and art paired can foster creativity, independence, self-guided teaching, assistance for special education, or as an assistive teaching resource. 

Student Tools

Students use technology in the art room regularly.  Younger artists are comfortable and excited to work with technology, and digital resources, for their artwork, as well as art history learning. Students use the web to browse the internet for inspiration, research information, find resources, make and edit videos, create animated shorts, or design graphic art. There are many ways technology can be used for good in the art room to prepare students for careers and higher learning.  

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art room desk wall.jpg

Teaching Aide

Simple videos can help students digest a lot of information in a short, engaging and memorable way. It can also be referenced or replayed anytime when needed and encourage self-guided learning. Using images or live video feed to the TV screen can make sure all students have accesses to learning opportunities. Technology can also be used as assisted devices for audio or visual impairment learning issues arise. Including technology in the art room and curriculum, brings accesses to modern learning modalities and prepares students with digital literacy for outside the classroom and future technologically Intergrated careers. 

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